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Mav's Furniture

All our furniture products can be customised and are generally built to order. I will try to have one or two built up to take to events which would be available for purchase at the event.

For custom orders there will be a 50% deposit required to cover the initial purchase of materials, this is non-refundable.

Currently the furniture can be collected at events or I'm happy to meet up or deliver within approximately 100 miles of Whitley Bay for a reasonable charge.


Whipping/Kneeling Post

A custom made whipping or kneeling post with or without the kneeling board. These are made from reclaimed timber, scaffolding boards and fence posts. They are designed to be broken down and stored in a large bag making it more convenient to put away when you have company or family around.

Prices dependent on requirements, please contact us to discuss your needs.


Spanking Bench

A classic shaped spanking bench which can be dismantled into six parts with the removal of six bolts. The frame can be coloured to your requirements and the upholstery can also be changed to your preference. They come with 6 attachment points (not pictured) and as with everything else these can be changed for different fittings, more added or less if that's your preference.

The leg supports are adjustable with two position settings.

The spanking benches are priced around the £350 mark depending on options selected.

Please contact us for details.

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